Advanced Hash Calculator

This tool is designed for webmasters and software developers. Featuring CRC, MD5, SHA-256 and 7 hash types calculations it immediately displays hash values for multiple files and allows to export them to a plain ASCII text file.


Open Ports Scanner

This port scanner displays open TCP and UDP ports on your PC, full path to the application that owns them, process ID, local and remote IP addresses, connection status and much more. It even allows you to terminate TCPv4 connections with a single mouse click.


URL Monitoring Tool

This software continiously checks if your web server or web page is online. You may enter dozens of URLs, ftp sites, IP addresses, set a timer and run this program. If a server or a website is not responding you will be notified via popup message or a sound alert.


Website Thumbnail Capture

Do you want to capture contents of your web browser? There is an easy way to do this with the following software. Not only it will capture the image of the web page displayed, it allows you to specify the size of the output picture to save and store the underlying HTML source code.




This software utility combines features of ping and traceroute in one application. Ping supports TTL, TOS, DNS resolution, IPv4 or IPv6, MTU size. Traceroute supportes host name resolution and custom TTL value.



TraceRoute / Tracert

This traceroute/tracert software displays the path tha network packets take across the network when reacing the destination host. Fully configurable, set your own number of pings, hops, timeout and option to resolve IP addresses to DNS names.


Keywords Search Tool


Finds relevant keywords and key phrases. Optimize you website by adding all search phrases that online surfers might use when looking for your site or particular information. This utility locates up to a hundred related keywords given a single search word.


Network Ping


This is a better ping software. Ping tool that comes with Windows does not have graphical interface. This is a ping tool with Windows GUI and multiple parameters that can be set in options. TTL, TOS, DNS resolution, IPv4 or IPv6 and other values can be set right from the application.


Presentation Ticker

Display scrolling text messages on your desktop. Define your own headlines, leading URLs, scrolling speed, colors, font type. Bring an informational message to the viewers of your presentation or prospective customers.


Advanced Cookie Manager

View, search, backup and restore your cookies. Keep your privacy, do not allow websites to collect your internet visiting habits. Secure delete feature allows you to permanently erase the contents of your cookies beyond recovery. 



What is my IP? This software not only answers this question by displaying external and internal IP adresses of your computer, but also monitors you external IP for changes. Also displays most important network parameters of your PC.




Zooms and captures part of your screen. Includes such features as: copy to clipboard, save as a 24-bit BMP file, continuous preview, stay on top option. A improved ZoomIt utility for screen capture and desktop view magnification.


Wave Sound Recorder

Record sounds from computer microphone and save them as WAV files. Start, stop, pause or fast forward the recorded sounds prior to saving. Features simple user interface like a tape recorder.


DIN Settings Calculator

Are you a passionate skier? This small software utility is right for you. Based on your age, height, weight, skiing experience and boot sole length size it estimates the boot DIN release setting value.