Website Thumbnail Capture

This software captures the view if a website in a browser and saves the corresponding HTML code on your hard disk. You may enter up to a thousand URLs, specify output screenshot size and click one button and all website thumbnail snapshots will be captured in a batch process. This is a "must have" tool for webmasters when creating web directories to capture website browser shots.
  Software Version: 3.24
Size: 1.63 MB
Released: May 15th, 2020
Price: $19.95
Operating Systems: Windows 7/8/8.1/10


Websites Thumbnail Capture Help

Add some URLs to capture. You may do this in two different ways. Click "Add URLs" button on the toolbar and type in URLs that you want to capture screenshots from. If you made a mistake you may delete the URL from the list by highlighting it and pressing "Delete" button on the toolbar.
Add URLs Dialog   Toolbar button to add URLs to capture:

Alternatively you may open a file containing numbers and comma separated URLs, The format of the file must have a number and a URL to display, separated by a comma. The number will serve as an output file name. The URLs must be UTF-8 formatted and the file must have a plain ASCII format.
Sample Text File Format

Start capturing web thumbnails by clicking "Capture" button. You may stop capturing screenshots at any time by clicking "Stop" button on the toolbar.
After capturing website screenshots has been completed you may save the list of the URLs by clicking "Save" button. You may manage and edit the list of URLs to capture using "Delete", "Insert URL" and "Clear" buttons on the toolbar.