DIN Settings Calculator

This DIN calculator is a free tool to estimate you ski binding settings. The DIN scale is used to ensure that ski bindings release under the same force at all skiing destinations worldwide. Given your weight, height, age, ski experience level and sole boot length you may easily estimate DIN settings for your ski bindings.
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Released: Nov 16th, 2012
Price: Freeware
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DIN Settings Calculator Help

What is "skier type" and what is "boot sole length"?

Skier type depends on your ski experience level. How to determine your ski level? Determine what type of skier your are from one of the following groups:

Type I - Cautious skiing at lighter release/retention settings.
Type II - Average/moderate skiing at average release/retention settings.
Type III - Aggressive, higher speed skiing at higher release/retention settings.

Boot Sole Length is measured as shown at the picture below:
Note that many boots brands and models are sized differently, but the boot sole length is a constant. Boot sole length is always printed on the heel of the boot and is always measured in millimeters.